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You’ll find a compilation of my observations & experiences during my twenty-year career as an instructor & flight examiner pilot in the USAF, as well as my twenty-year tenure with The Boeing Company. My reflections are critical to me & I believe contribute to success in the home, cockpit & workplace.

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Born in 1943 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Robert has always been passionate about the aviation industry, and that’s what resulted in his serving the industry for many years.

He grew up in an Air Force family. His father encouraged him to pursue a career as a USAF pilot. From an early age, Robert knew that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Robert N. Sweeney is the author of “Ape Without a Boarding Pass” which was published in 2020. This book, “Ape Without a Boarding Pass,” shares experiences of his aviation journey in the Air Force and career in The Boeing Company. His life is a perfect story of a flying instructor

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Ape Without a

Boarding Pass

This book by an instructor pilot, Robert N. Sweeney, portrays his challenging yet enjoyable flying career as an instructor/examiner pilot in the US Air Force and with The Boeing Company. It is a plane-prologue where the concept of “hours and hours of boredom interrupted by moments of stark terror” can be astoundingly experienced. He does not need to alter any of the flying experiences to invigorate his audience, as they shall be immersed into the narrative without such maneuvers.

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